Bun Bo Nam Bo (beef noodles in the south)


Bun Bo Nam Bo (beef noodles in the south) is also known as stirred beef vermicelli. The simplicity and elegance is what people describe about this dish. Instead of using sophisticated broth as Pho, sauce is used for Bun bo Nam Bo. Besides, fresh raw accompanying vegetables, fried onion, roasted peanuts and bean sprouts are indispensable elements.

Beef used for the dish is well soaked in sugar, fish sauce and pepper and other seasonings. Only when customers order, beef will be stirred to keep its heat, tenderness and richness. The sauce simply consists of fish sauce, sugar, lemon, chili but how to combine these elements properly is the secret recipe of each restaurant, which makes the distinction of each Bun bo Nam Bo restaurant.
The freshness of vermicelli and vegetables, the richness of beef, the slight sourness and sweetness of the sauce and pea-nutty taste are an absolutely suitable choice of breakfast, especially in summer.
Our Restaurant : Bun Bo Nam Bo in Hanoi with Locals line the long, communal metal tables at 67 Hang Dieu street ,Old quarter Hanoi ,day and night to dig into a bowl of bun bo nam bo, a rice-noodle dish that originates from southern Vietnam. This is quite simply heaven in a bowl: strips of grilled beef, shredded lettuce, sliced cucumber, fried shallots, crispy bean sprouts, fresh cilantro and chopped peanuts atop a mound of steamed vermicelli noodles, all of which harmonize in a magical way. A tip: Like any good bowl of noodles, enthusiastic chopstick-and-spoon mixing is essential before digging in—the tangy broth at the bottom of the bowl is exceptional and key to the flavor. Bun Bo Nam Bo is one of the most delicious street food in old quarter Hanoi that a must be tasted when visiting Hanoi .
Location : 76 Hang Dieu Street ,Old Quarter Hanoi ,Vietnam


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