Restaurants with vintage architecture in the heart of Hanoi


Home is a villa-style Vintage nostalgic, bring you relaxed feeling between the bustle and movement of capital – Hanoi restaurants old quater


One of the tourist attractions and charming Hanoi become as beautiful structures built before 1954. It was the magnificent public buildings such as Governor, governor Palace Theatre large, Indochina Bank, Louis Finot Museum … to the lovely old mansion in the shadow under the trees, located in the small streets and crowded … Hardly any city in Southeast Asia can match as Ha cabinet by the heritage architecture – hanoi restaurants


The signature dish of Hanoi is a mainstream cuisine here. Menu designed as a newspaper and be changed regularly to ensure the best seasonal dishes. The food here is typically characterized as Hanoi (from 60,000 dong per dish).


Come with Hanoi to explore the interesting and unexpected thing here. Where people and things are friendly.

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