The Note Coffee Hanoi

The Note Coffee Hanoi
UPDATED: 20 Jan 2017 71 Views

Located near to the northwest end of Hoan Kiem Lake, by the intersection with Bao Khanh Lane, The Note Coffee is new Euro-style coffee shop in Hanoi.

>>Cong Caphe

Unique features of The Note Coffee

This coffee shop is a small and cosy hideaway from the noisy (and sometimes overbearing) streets of Hanoi, a great place to rest your legs after a long walk!

The walls were decorated with sticky notes The walls were decorated with sticky notes

While the menu has nothing that stands out from the ordinary, the concept of the cafe is pretty interesting. The walls were decorated with sticky notes! These were little memos written by visitors from all over the world!

There are three levels in this shop house cafe and the seating areas are pretty unique too – if you’re lucky you could grab a seat at the little cubicles on the 2nd floor that were facing the streets. However, if you are claustrophobic, you can choose the 3rd floor instead where they have normal tables/chairs and sofas.

If you have the chance to visit Hanoi, do drop by The Note Coffee for a short break to rest your legs!


Drink and dessert at The Note Coffee Drink and dessert at The Note Coffee

“A great place with great people and beautiful location. They are really caring, keep asking if you feel ok with the drink and dessert. The location is really awesome, nearby Hoan Kiem lake and the walking street. More over, you can write a note and stick it on the wall of the shop, and can also find lots of inspiring notes too. My favorite!”-Cathy Dao.

“We loved the design of this cafe! It is full of little and colourful notes written by customers from all over the world. The Wifi at The Note Coffee is quite stable and the coffee is good. Unfortunately, the toilet is terrible there, so we wouldn’t recommend this cafe for a nice place to work in Hanoi”-Karolina Patryk.