These delicacies from mountain goat meat

Hung Gia restaurant

From raw material is goat meat can be processed tens of delicacies like finances, the iron grill, stir-fried, hot pot …

The first characteristic entering Jiaxing Cuisine Restaurant is a luxurious, modern but still cozy. Deep brown of furniture more dotted yellow and crimson, creating a bold architectural Vietnam. It is suitable for cozy gatherings of family or close friends.

Hung Gia Restaurant - goat meat
Hung Gia Restaurant

The restaurant not only beautiful, but space is very unique dish, style cuisine Vietnam. The country food such as mountain goats, river fish, game, though simple copper eel but through skillful hands of chef has become a fine elevated position.

Hung Gia restaurant - goat meat

Hung Gia Cuisine Coming to the right to food have prompted traditional mountain goat with over 10 years of dedicated service. The dish made from mountain goat was crowded preferred customer. You can choose a meal from the “thematic” mountain goats are also quite interesting. Although only the main raw material is goat meat, but the restaurant chef prepared a lot of different delicacies, such as finances, goat grilled striploin, stir-fried goat, goat … Each dish bears a unique taste different suit many tastes of customers.

Besides mountain goat specialty, restaurant also offers other dishes tasty and attractive. You can choose to cut neatly river fish after days of constant eating holiday or choose dishes that make the meat fat copper eel flavored northern countryside. To suit many, gamefowl easygoing dish of all, everyone likes. The restaurant also has designed the feature set for diners eating options.

Hung Gia restaurant - goat meat

Despite abundant food, but the price varied affordable. This also is the attraction for customers. Enthusiastic staff, good food, beautiful space and reasonable prices have made the brand of Hung Gia cuisine in Hanoi.

In celebration of the death anniversary of Hung Vuong, 30/4, 1/5 forthcoming, restaurants have special deals for visitors, down 35% set for 4 persons mountain goats only 355,000 dong. Dining Set includes the following items: 4 pudding goat, one goat lemon, 1 goat of cast iron pan, sauté 1 vegetable, 1 fries, 1 elderberry sauce hard heart.


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