Top 6 bars attract many international visitors in Hanoi


There are many famous bars in Hanoi which attract not only Hanoians but also foreign visitors such as Tadioto bars, The Doors or +84. Let’s find out with us!

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From the abstract paintings, decorations, lanterns to the bar, everything in Tadiota shows the sophistication of the owner – writer Nguyen Quy Duc. Mr. Duc painted and designed and launched this bar 10 years ago to make it into a place become a place for gathering his old and new friends. That’s why the Tadioto attracts many artists, writers, poets, musicians, photographers, architects, and even politicians. Visit this bar, you will be immersed yourself in relaxing music or the sweet poems. The Tadioto is also a place where the poetry readings and art exhibitions often took place. The bar opens to midnight on weekdays and to 2am at the weekends.

Address: 24 Tong Dan Street

Tadioto (via TNH Vietnam)
Tadioto (via TNH Vietnam)

Ke Quan

The must-try drink at Ke Quan is alcohol combined with local fruits and herbs. The menu of this bar is very impressive with more than 20 kinds of fruit wines which made of mulberry, mandarin, plum, mango, orange, peach, docynia, etc. Mrs. Te – the owner buys them from many places, mainly in the North and after that processes and storages in the bottle for several times. Ke Quan also serves Vietnamese dishes on the terrace where guests can both enjoy food and West Lake view. It opens from 8am to 11pm daily.

Address: 81B Xuan Dieu Street


Mojito (via Asia Bars)
Mojito (via Asia Bars)

The bar is located in an old French house which has been renovated, decorated a few times but still retains its ancient beauty. Visitors in here are mainly foreigners who are working in Hanoi and they often come at the weekend. Many of them come here to try the “special cocktail” that are drinks with strange names but very familiar such as Phở (Noodle), Saigon, Xôi (sticky rice), Irish in Hanoi nad so on. These cocktails all were created by the talented manager – bartender – Phan Tien Tiep who has won in Diago Reserve World Class 2012 with Phở cocktail.

Mojito also held live music performances and DJ every weekend so the bar often is very crowded at that time. If you want to take a good seat, you should go early. The bar opens daily from 4pm to midnight.

Location: 19 Nguyen Quang Bich Street


+84 Bar & Lounge (via YouTube)
+84 Bar & Lounge (via YouTube)

At the beginning, the +84 was built as a gathering place of drink enthusiasts. The bar offers the private spaces that make guests feel comfortable and want to come back again.

+84 has 2 floors, the upper floor almost separated from the rest. This bar is designed in vintage style, inspired by “Godfather”, featuring charming balcony where you can sit down and see the street. The menu offers a lot of special drinks, some of them are imported from Sicily and Italy. The live music performances are often took place from 9pm and if lucky, you will be heard the famous songs of musician Trinh Cong Son. This bar is opened from 9pm to 0:30am daily and from 7pm on Fridays.

Address: 23 Ngo Van So

The Doors

Top 6 bars attract many international visitors in Hanoi (via Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi)
Top 6 bars attract many international visitors in Hanoi (via Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi)

The Doors is a familiar address of a variety of guests from young to old, students, staff,… to foreign visitors or retired musicians and singers. The bar is the ideal destination at night of people who like playing and enjoying rock music and western music. It opens daily from 8pm to midnight. Drinks are also quite delicious and not too expensive.

Address: 11 Hang Chinh

Polite Pub

This is a popular bar for foreigners in Hanoi. Entering the bar, you can hear visitors talk to each other in Vietnamese, English, Chinese, Japanese or French. The Pub was originally a family-run business, opened in 1995. It is considered one of the oldest bars in Hanoi. However, the pub always changes and keeps up with the needs of guests. It was just renovated one year ago with many innovations. The cocktail list is also exchanged every six months for more than 100 types. The Polite Pub opens from 16h to midnight every day.

Address: 5B Bao Khanh Street.

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