Ultimate Guides:How To Replace A Kitchen Faucet

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Kitchen is always considered as the heart of the house because it is the place where all members in the family will stay together to cook and eat with warm and cozy atmosphere. Therefore, the kitchen is taken care of tiny things like faucet, light and etc. In fact, although the elements are the tiny things, they are playing an important role in the kitchen. For example, almost housewives like get trouble with the faucet but they don’t know how to replace a kitchen faucet when it’s broken, so they have to call the help from the others person. However, sometime, they are not available to repair or fix it right now. Therefore, the post will tell you the simple way to repair the faucet at home by your own.

t’s so inconvenience when leakage water phenomenon, dripping despite locked a van from the faucet. The problem is not only waste water but also cause corrupted some other devices and wet your kitchen. The best way is that find what’s problem with your faucet but before learning how to change the broken faucet, you should find out more about how to choose a good and suitable faucet for your kitchen because they directly affect aesthetics and durability of the product. According to my experiences, I’ll share for you some best things to select a good faucet for your house.

The tips to choose the best kitchen faucet

best kitchen faucet

Notice of the product materials.

This is the most important factor when choosing the faucet because it directly affects the durability of the product later. As I know, high-grade faucet products will usually be made by brass with very low levels of lead to prevent rust or stain for using a long time. In addition, material of brass also reduces the body’s absorption of harmful amounts of lead into the body after the period of using. Particularly some kind of high-end washing faucets have mesh to foaming at the nozzle in order to avoid leaking water outside of the sink. The tap is assembled together with the sink.

The speed and intensity of the flow

This is also one of the important elements to quality assessment of high-end faucets which I want to tell you. A good product with the high quality will give stability to the relatively strong pressure water to help bring comfort to the user. Moreover, strong and stable water flow also help save water during using.

Easily removable and not worn these coupling.

With high-end faucet lines, products are usually very easy to remove twisted during installation. The joints are connected together in a tight and avoid to water leak situation. The easily removing also makes you easier when cleaning after using a long time. In addition, high-end product line will also be less worn joints when removed and installed again and again.

Sustainable internal structures

When buying products you also should pay attention to the internal structure besides the external structure. It is another important factor affecting the durability of the product as well as the quality of the flow. Strong structure and stabilization help smooth functioning faucets and unlock more gently.

The plating outside of the faucet

Most high-end faucet flows are external coating which is very shiny and classy than the others. The plating is often used to Chrome Nickel technique for product to create the durability as well as the anti-oxidized when contacting with water regularly. While selected, you should pay attention to this plating to avoid buying poor-quality goods too.

If the broken faucet is a tap of the sink, you have to choose the tap which has to fit the style of the sink to create a uniform and comfortable to use. For the sink has 2 plots, you should select the tap which has capable of rotating and wash the site selection as the tap on the bathroom.

Select the sink and tap with matching color to make the kitchen’s space are more harmonious and cozier.

How to remove the faucet in your family

1. Tools and Material


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  • A wrench
  • A thin blade knife
  • A basin Wrench
  • A spawning mop

2. Preparation

To fix the faucet, you need to turn off water and lock the main water valve. Then, you check the water lines had actually been cut by opening the tap to see. When you ensure that the water cut completely, you turn the tap up to a maximum to amount of water left in the pipes drain out

Turn off water

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You put a block rubber in the hole of the sink to prevent parts of the faucet to lose when repairing. You use a knife to remove gently the handle. Then, you should use the screwdriver with cross head to wring protection screw and handle.

3. Step by step

Disconnect the line that connects the sink to the faucet

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  • The first, disconnect the line that connects the sink to the faucet

Clean the sink


  • Put the old faucet out and clean the surface of the sink by a spawning mop

Checking out the packing

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  • After that checking out the packing to know it good or not. If the packing is damaged and deformed, it’s one of the causes of leaking the water. You put wrench on flow regulating check valve to wring the valve in the opposite direction clockwise. However, you should remember that you have to adjust the size of the wrench to fit the valve before wringing.

check valve to find some thing wrong

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  • After removing the valve, you check it to find some things wrong with it or not. If the valve has just dirty, you should clean it by the spawning mop. In the other hand the valve is cracked and reefed, you have to change by a new valve but you must ensure that the new valve has the same size and type with the old valve.

Repair the faucets

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  • If your house uses both cool valve and hot valve, you have to sure that the new valve meets with hot & cold valve.



  • The last but not least, you just reassemble the faucet parts in reverse order and turn on the water and use.

You have become a useful repairer for your family with just a few simple tools and some gentle manipulation. It’s not only save money for you but also make different seeing from your partner. Leaky faucet is one of a small electrical problem in your home country can totally fix it. However, in a case after doing the steps above, you did not fix or have larger trouble, you should quickly contact plumber to ensure daily activities, family activities being discontinuity.

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