Love for Hanoi ancient streets (Part 1)

Nguyen Du Street

Hanoi is the capital and also the center of politics, culture and tourism of Vietnam. Hanoi has a rich and long history with so many cultural architectures and famous vestiges, which make it to be the greatest destination of tourism for foreign guests. Tourists will be impressed not only by the hidden beauty of this ancient city but also by the elegant and taciturn aspects of 36 old streets in Hanoi.

Some one says that Hanoi is so small, but no matter people can get tired of walking around 36 old streets, they can’t go through all of these old street, taste all delicious foods and profound spice of special things like people’s emotion. ..

Nguyen Du Street

Hanoi old streets – where some little silent algae are remained in small quantum that no sunlight can stand over, where the roads are crowed by people and vehicles that no footprints are left, Hanoi people are still proud of memorable old streets as the special taste remained and deposited of a fast-growing city.

Hanoi ancient streets should be loved by everything deepened in our own minds; in our hearts that why when people are vibrated of it, they can’t easily go off because Hanoi is characterized by a very special aspect of Vietnamese which can’t be mixed or mistaken by any beauty of other places in the world.

It is the busy Hang Gai street, the gentle and quiet Hang Hom street, the colorful Hang Ma street and Hang Bac, Hang Buom streets which strongly foot in front of fast-growing lines of time that make up the beauty of ancient streets. It is the shaked yellow sunlight by the windows, the ancient aspects of old tiled roofs in Hang Bong, Hang Dao street, the condensed perfume of blackboard trees in nights, the charming beauty of girls in “ao dai” Vietnam that hang on the steps of tourists.

You can ride a bike along ancient streets in early morning full of fogs and reward yourself  a bowl of Hue vermicelli and beef in Hang Dieu or in Hang Than street. Hanoi old streets are normally called “Hanoi 36 streets” which is the unique architectural complex combined with characterized cuisine culture. Cuisine culture of Hanoi Ancient Street is the various combinations between European-Asian traditional foods and between the luxurious style and commonly-street one… ( to be continue) vietnam travel