Love for Hanoi ancient streets (Part 2)

Nguyen Du Street

Ancient streets are narrow but it can also hold enough spaces for many people, it is small but it can hold “special Hanoi style” which can’t be mixed. Old and small streets which may be large enough for one people to move through hidden ancient café stores that when people peck at the special cup of coffee they can comfort themselves by relaxing and finding images about Hanoi through films smeared by time. Hanoi people often say when travelling to Hanoi everyone should taste café in ancient streets which isn’t strong but the space there can make them much warmer.

Streets are also one of the beauties of Hanoi. Hanoi streets have large pavements with many big trees and flowers. When you walk on Phan Dinh Phung Street, you can fell the cool from the shade of big trees. Hoang Dieu Street is quiet. It is named “The Romantic Street” or “The Street of Lovers”.

Nguyen Du Street

Many couples like walking on it because of its beautiful scenes. The most beautiful one is Thanh Nien Street which is in the middle of two lakes Ho Tay and Ho Truc Bach. Like other streets in Hanoi, Thanh Nien Street has s lot of tall trees and a bunch of colorful flowers. Riding bicycle or motorbike on this street, you can smell the fragrance of blackboard trees and fly your soul to feel the atmosphere in a place considered as the most peaceful destination in the world.

The extraordinariness of these ancient streets are “Tunnel Houses”, those with narrow width and deep length. These houses sometimes open at the back into another street which is different from that of the front door. All houses are similarly designed the room serves as the place where goods can be manufactured and sold.

After the front room is a small open courtyard built to let the light in. It is usually decorated with ornamental rocks, small pool with a variety of fishes, plants, and flowers. The backroom is used as living quarter with the dining room and bedrooms. Most houses have one floor, few have the second floor. This second floor is generally low and has small or no windows and you can have benches to take a rest or to enjoy the beauty of the lakes there.

Hanoi old street’s cuisine is the combination of various cuisines. The sophisticate aspect in Hanoi cuisine is expressed in the way of processing, tasting and the truthful emotion of givers and receivers. Each food has it own spice, beauty and tradition in the way of tasting; it is not only common foods but also the art of cuisine. That’s why a writer said that Hanoi foods have agitated people-away-home and tourists who first come to Hanoi.

Could I love these thousand-year old streets much more a little? For winds to bring me flower perfume, to listen to unfinished songs, to recall memories of someone in the sensational emotion? vietnam travel